Live Recording @ 2/42, Ann Arbor, “Zach Radcliff” 6/22/18

June 26th, 2018 5:52 pm

Live Recording 6/22/18, “Zach Radcliff”, Christian Rock, Rich Coleman, on percussion for all performing acts , It was a blast.   

Rich Coleman, National Law Enforcement Appreciation event, Detroit Tigers, sings the National Anthem

June 8th, 2018 7:37 pm

Rich Coleman, Public Safety Community Coordinator, Pittsfield Twp. D.P.S.: Singing the National Anthem

On May 30th, 2018, I had an invite from the National Law Enforcement Memorial Organization and the Detroit Tigers to sing the National Anthem. This was an honor to represent the Pittsfield Twp. D.P.S. and the law enforcement community.  I am so grateful for the support of my wife Phyllis, my daughter Britney who surprised me coming in from New York and my son Alex.  Also joining me my sister Evie and Micky, and my Oakwood Church family!

Here is the link to the video from the Detroit Tigers:


Tiger Stadium 5/30/18




I support “March for Our Lives March 24,’18” Washington DC

March 22nd, 2018 5:07 pm


 “Stop the Violence in our Schools and Community:

The tragic acts of violence impacting our schools and community has to come to an end! Also, I applaud the students and families participating in the March and keeping the dialogue in front of our elected officials and leaders to take action.

Therefore, I dedicate the song “Stop the Violence, Save our Sons and Daughters Today” to this effort. I wrote / recording this song at the height of gang activity sweeping SE Michigan and the impact on our youth. I pledge to continue to help in any way that I can in support of helping to make change.

In closing a recommendation For the media :

Please feel free to use the track , I’m posting the SoundCloud link to the song 

Be blessed,  Rich Coleman


Christine Chatman Update, Rhythm and Blues Mag., Feb. 2018

February 1st, 2018 4:14 am

In 2010, Rhythm and Blues published an article about my aunt “Christine Chatman” , Author Dan Kochakian, penned an amazing article about her career, who she performed with on multiple labels during the 1940’s and 50’s. Our family was ecstatic to see the wealth of information and connecting the dots of her musical history. In this February 2018, edition I along with my cousin Anthony Chatman, and Madelyn Green assisted in providing clarification on points of her life, relationships and the family connection to her career.

As a musician  (member of the AFM, Grand Rapids MI)  and touring in the mid 70’s with a show band (Cinnamon) based out of Lansing Michigan I had the opportunity to visit and spend time with Aunt Chris at her home in Jackson TN. She would light up as I’d talked about what it was like touring on the road and playing in venues in Florida and abroad. We shared the good times and bad.  This was an amazing time reflecting back on her playing piano and singing with our families (Coleman’s, Chatman’s and all others) and all of her nieces and nephews since she didn’t have any children.

My Aunt Chris, shared with me the challenges for her during the time where there were very few African American “female” band leaders and what the experience was like to have to rely on others just to be treated fairly and with respect.  I later found out in my research that she had been “black listed” by the Musician’s Union branch in Illinois due to union dues for her band members not being paid.  I was able to get the official records and assist with clearing her name.  

In this edition of Rhythm and Blues February 2018, you’ll find more details and updates that you’ll enjoy reading. What I’m really excited about is that I will be producing a recording (live and studio ) “The best of Christine Chatman” that I’ll be leading from the drums. Oh my do we have the vocals covered.

Christine Chatman’s nieces (Coleman’s and Chatman’s) are amazing singers and joining me on the majority of instruments will also be “family”. I’ll keep this site updated on the progress of the ten (10) song selected. I’m also moving my current AFM #625 membership to the Detroit AFM local # 5, to tap into the great pool of musicians

in the motor city where Christine Chatman also performed .

You’ll be able to pick up this exciting musical venture at CD, I-Tunes, and listen in on my online music site “”

Thanks to Dan Kochakian & Dave Penny, for his research on Aunt Chris and providing our family with an opportunity to assist with this update.

Rich Coleman

“Aint Nothin Shakin”, Peppy Prince, featuring Christine Chatman

Christine Chatman, the Boogie Woogie Queen update

National Drug Facts Week 2018 promotion, start planning your project now!

May 27th, 2017 11:49 am

We’ve started the 2018 NDFW’s “Above the Influence” music contest promotion. presentations at two schools in Ann Arbor MI. We are reaching out to students across the country to access our Facebook page @ for updates, photos, and videos of students getting involved!


NIDA & Musicares 2017, Above the Influence “Teen Music video contest”

June 8th, 2016 9:25 pm

To all of our Michigan High Schools; I’m so excited to help promote the National Drug Facts Week 2017 campaign to challenge the myths and miss information about the use of legal and illegal drugs. Students from across the country have joined the National Institute on Teen Drug Abuse (NIDA) to get factual information on drug facts and providing a wealth of resources posted on the website.

As a member of the Grammy’s, The American Federation of Musicians #625, and ASCAP, the campaign has really open the door for students to participate in the music video contest. Students between the age of 14-18 yr’s old are encouraged to submit an original song in a music video format that doesn’t glorify gangs, drugs, or violence. The top three (3) winners from the nation wide contest will be invited to the 59th Grammy’s!

Being there and enjoying the events have been a blast!  I’ve been presenting a our local schools in SE Michigan and hope to reach out across the state of MI through the Prevention Network, our schools, and faith communities seeking students from Michigan to participate in this exciting endeavor. I’ve added information to this presentation about the music industry, streaming, protecting your “intellectual property”, and how important it is to join a music organization to protect your work and get assistance when needed.  Look for more on this with video interviews, performances, and more!

Rich- Career Day 2016

2016 Grammy’s in Chicago

March 29th, 2016 9:41 pm

This year we celebrated the 2016, Grammy celebration in Chicago with my daughter Britney an cast members from “Beautiful, The Carol King Musical”. We had a blast with all of the chapter members!
Rich Coleman, 2016 Grammy's Chicago

Drummers unite: Chris Coleman meets David Garibaldi of Tower of Power

July 14th, 2015 10:34 pm

My nephew Chris Coleman, my twin brothers son and one of the many young drummers who grew up playing gospel music and learning how to keep it in the pocket. My idol “David Garibaldi” of Tower of Power, I’ve got every LP they put out and played all the TOP hits in a 8 piece horn band at CMU and Chris’s dad Ron was on alto sax.  It’s amazing to see this come full circle the impact of TOP. Chris has been recognized as one of the best drummers in the world! and he has earned it with sponsorship from “Sonor, Vic F, ” and more  check out his videos on YouTube and see for yourself!


Chris and Uncle Rich

Check out Chris’s comment I pulled from his Instagram site when he had a chance to hear TOP for the 1st time and meet David:

“THIS cat was the very 1st drummer I saw in a clinic; I was 9yrs old. I’ll never forget it bcs my Uncle Ritchie, my dads twin brother (drummer of the 40+ family members) was/is an Avid fan of David; & so am i !👍👍 Any of you drummers who love “complexity within solidarity” …then you know EXACTLY who this man is & what he has paved/ing for the Music & Drumming industry. Ladies & Gents; “Mr. David Garibaldi” … & to make the night even crazier, my brother/homie/Fav-Deacon, for more than 8yrs now… Sitting in on on bass, laying that “stank” … “Mr. Raymond (UncleDeaconProductions,LLC) McKinley”. The TOP band was smashing tonight @ B.B.Kings, NYC… Crazy!”


Chris and David G, TOP

Roland Drums, I love playing them what an amazing sound!

June 30th, 2015 9:17 pm

Rc's Roland TD 12 kit Rich Coleman

Roland TD 12 , Love the sound!

Roland TD 12 , Love the sound!

9/11 Memorial; “We are CommUnity, America Stand for What is Right”

August 9th, 2014 8:17 pm

Rich Coleman, 9/11, Musical Tribute – “We Are CommUnity”

On Sept. 11, 2014, I will reflect and remember where I was and the impact of the tragic events that would unfold before our eyes over the next 72 hours of non-stop news coverage.   Just one month prior to the fall of the World Trade Center towers I was in those towers with my family visiting New York and after getting tickets for a broadway show at the 2-for-1 island we ventured off to do some sight seeing. Going up in the tower to look at the statue of Liberty was the highlight of the visit until we got up there and it was to cloudy,  the kids were dissapointed but we enjoy being in New York.  Less than one month later I watched the tower fall in disbelief!

As a civilian working for the Pittsfield Twp. D.P.S. in Ann Arbor MI and coordinating crime prevention I knew how important my role would be for our agency and community.  Emergency service personnel from throughout the country heeded the call to go to the three locations to assist and New York needing the highest level of immediate assistance.  For me, I knew that I needed to do something that I could pay my respects and to join the out pouring of support for the heros who left behind love ones and those emergency service personnel that risk and gave their lives.

As a recording artist and leader of a “prevention entertainment” act  my heart lead me to a musical outreach of a song that I wrote and recorded called ,”We are CommUnity: Stand for What is Right” it had the perfect message of hope.  I re-wrote a section of the song and added a spoken portion that recognized all of the hero’s and loved ones who lost their lives and made  the ultimate sacfacrice  doing the job they loved.

I’ve posted this recording at and over the years since it’s release all proceeds will continue to help the organizations , such as the New York Police and Fire Widows and Children’s Benefit Fund, Camp Comfort Zone in New Jersey providing grief counseling, and The American Red Cross.

I have also posted the song and music video traveling with the 9/11 Quilt  at – Search “Rich Coleman”

I am reaching out to the organizers of the New York 9/11 Memorial that open this year to offer access to the song and to make a donation to help sustain this important memorial. Help me by going to CD , ITunes to purchase the song.  All proceeds will continue to be dontated to this important effort.

I look forward to visiting the 9/11 Memorial this year as well.  Be bless, Rich Coleman, Member of the Grammy’s, AFM #625

Rc, dps 9,11 event 2011