July 14th, 2015 10:34 pm

My nephew Chris Coleman, my twin brothers son and one of the many young drummers who grew up playing gospel music and learning how to keep it in the pocket. My idol “David Garibaldi” of Tower of Power, I’ve got every LP they put out and played all the TOP hits in a 8 piece horn band at CMU and Chris’s dad Ron was on alto sax.  It’s amazing to see this come full circle the impact of TOP. Chris has been recognized as one of the best drummers in the world! and he has earned it with sponsorship from “Sonor, Vic F, ” and more  check out his videos on YouTube and see for yourself!


Chris and Uncle Rich

Check out Chris’s comment I pulled from his Instagram site when he had a chance to hear TOP for the 1st time and meet David:

“THIS cat was the very 1st drummer I saw in a clinic; I was 9yrs old. I’ll never forget it bcs my Uncle Ritchie, my dads twin brother (drummer of the 40+ family members) was/is an Avid fan of David; & so am i !👍👍 Any of you drummers who love “complexity within solidarity” …then you know EXACTLY who this man is & what he has paved/ing for the Music & Drumming industry. Ladies & Gents; “Mr. David Garibaldi” … & to make the night even crazier, my brother/homie/Fav-Deacon, for more than 8yrs now… Sitting in on on bass, laying that “stank” … “Mr. Raymond (UncleDeaconProductions,LLC) McKinley”. The TOP band was smashing tonight @ B.B.Kings, NYC… Crazy!”


Chris and David G, TOP

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