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Church Security: Does your church have a plan?

Thursday, March 31st, 2022

Over the past ten, (10) years faith communities have become targets for acts of violence and sadly acts of assaults on children, most faith communities have had to address these incidents after they have occurred. We can’t run from the realities of violence that we are seeing in our communities, schools, and faith communities. Addressing these concerns starts with the leadership and is embraced with an action plan.

As a Pastor’s son and growing up in the C.O.G.I.C. and now working with faith leaders of all domination through my position in law enforcement as the (civilian ) Public Safety Community Coordinator, in Pittsfield Twp. MI, I’ve put those thirty (30) years of training into assisting others with providing presentations on establishing “Church Security Teams”. There are many legal challenges that every organization will face and we strive to help to make sure that information is shared to help address specific concerns with your legal counsel, insurance carriers, and your faith communities security team.

I currently serve as the Legislative Liasion for the Crime Prevention Association of MI ( CPAM ) and host a blog for state organizations that can be found at I have video interviews and resources on ID Theft and Fraud scams, personal safety, Internet Safety, and more.

Be blessed, keep your flock “Safe from harm and danger”!

Christine Chatman Update, Rhythm and Blues Mag., Feb. 2018

Thursday, February 1st, 2018

In 2010, Rhythm and Blues published an article about my aunt “Christine Chatman” , Author Dan Kochakian, penned an amazing article about her career, who she performed with on multiple labels during the 1940’s and 50’s. Our family was ecstatic to see the wealth of information and connecting the dots of her musical history. In this February 2018, edition I along with my cousin Anthony Chatman, and Madelyn Green assisted in providing clarification on points of her life, relationships and the family connection to her career.

As a musician  (member of the AFM, Grand Rapids MI)  and touring in the mid 70’s with a show band (Cinnamon) based out of Lansing Michigan I had the opportunity to visit and spend time with Aunt Chris at her home in Jackson TN. She would light up as I’d talked about what it was like touring on the road and playing in venues in Florida and abroad. We shared the good times and bad.  This was an amazing time reflecting back on her playing piano and singing with our families (Coleman’s, Chatman’s and all others) and all of her nieces and nephews since she didn’t have any children.

My Aunt Chris, shared with me the challenges for her during the time where there were very few African American “female” band leaders and what the experience was like to have to rely on others just to be treated fairly and with respect.  I later found out in my research that she had been “black listed” by the Musician’s Union branch in Illinois due to union dues for her band members not being paid.  I was able to get the official records and assist with clearing her name.  

In this edition of Rhythm and Blues February 2018, you’ll find more details and updates that you’ll enjoy reading. What I’m really excited about is that I will be producing a recording (live and studio ) “The best of Christine Chatman” that I’ll be leading from the drums. Oh my do we have the vocals covered.

Christine Chatman’s nieces (Coleman’s and Chatman’s) are amazing singers and joining me on the majority of instruments will also be “family”. I’ll keep this site updated on the progress of the ten (10) song selected. I’m also moving my current AFM #625 membership to the Detroit AFM local # 5, to tap into the great pool of musicians

in the motor city where Christine Chatman also performed .

You’ll be able to pick up this exciting musical venture at CD, I-Tunes, and listen in on my online music site “”

Thanks to Dan Kochakian & Dave Penny, for his research on Aunt Chris and providing our family with an opportunity to assist with this update.

Rich Coleman

“Aint Nothin Shakin”, Peppy Prince, featuring Christine Chatman

Christine Chatman, the Boogie Woogie Queen update

Britney’s 2014 Performances

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

2014, has been an amazing year for Britney! performances in “Dream Girls”, “Aint’ MisBehavin”, “Shake Up your Shakepere” and “Sing for Your Shakespere” to name a few.   

Misbehavin_8869B, Dream Girls / Radio Play- Rich Coleman, “21,000 +, listeners from around the world”

Sunday, June 29th, 2014

Wow! I’m speechless after seeing all the pages of “likes” from listeners from all over the world!  we have now reached over 21,000, likes for all of our posted songs. The  songs “We Are CommUnity, Stop the Violence & Tender Flower” that has touched each  we’re grateful and I give God the praise for giving me the lyrics and great musicians to help make the songs come alive. I’m so moved by those from around the world who are challenged daily with violence and loss of love ones that have shared the songs with family and friends, don’t stop believing that peace will come. Look for new music in 2017, We pray for you ALL!

Fight Crime,Drugs Invest in Kids,8,19,03 072

Rich Coleman & The W.K. In Concert

2022 Shows and Hot Topics!

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Greetings, we’ve started to build our new exciting site to promote the “Prevention Entertainment” efforts focusing on music and televison with our show “The Prevention Corner”. We’re based in  Ann Arbor MI, member of the AFM #625, ASCAP,NARAS, Media Alliance.

2022, shows will feature information from AARP, Michigan Dementia Coalition, and local youth outreach organization .

Look for more exciting details about upcoming efforts Rich@The Prevention Corner!

Pastor Jay’s, Recording Project, Saginaw MI

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

Pastor Hurly J. Coleman, Jr. just recording a new CD project in June 2011. We’ll get his take on this long-overdue project and discuss the production, who performed with him and where you can get the CD and when it will be available in a digital format.

Stay tuned!