To:                Invited Guest (s) to the Prevention Corner TV Show

 From:         Rich Coleman, Host of the Prevention Corner TV Show

 Subject:     The Prevention Corner TV Show

 Date:        June 1st, 2011

 In 2004, I introduced the concept of a one half-hour program focusing on community and family awareness about at-risk issues for youth and families. As a musician working for a law enforcement agency, I envisioned combining entertainment with reaching out to youth and community organizations with promoting positive messages and resources offered to the community that normally would not have a voice.

Our show has featured our local schools, faith community, theater, sports programs, health care, Public Safety, elected officials, and more. The show aired on the national broadcast network Pax Television channel #31 from 2007-2009.

 My goal with support staff and volunteers has been to find the local organizations and groups that we could help promote and highlight their service to the community.

 I would like to extend an invitation to you or your organization to appear on my locally produced television show.  There are no costs to come onto the program, and we’ll provide you with a copy of the broadcast show to use for your promotional effort.

Please feel free to email me at: if you’re interested in participating in this free public service opportunity.

 We tape the shows on Monday or Tuesday evenings, but I’d like to be as flexible as possible due to your schedules. We normally tape the show in the atrium of Building #2006 of the Flying Dutchman Business Office Complex on Hogback Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48108. I will advise if there is an alternative location.

The Prevention Corner Television show has interviews with local officials, musicians, community groups, and school personnel focusing on at risk-issues, safety concerns and community awareness.

The program is a half hour show that currently airs on Ann Arbor’s C. T. N,  #17, Saline’s. C.T.N. #18, and Milan’s C.T.N. #18.

Please feel free to Email