August 9th, 2014 8:17 pm

Rich Coleman, 9/11, Musical Tribute – “We Are CommUnity”

On Sept. 11, 2014, I will reflect and remember where I was and the impact of the tragic events that would unfold before our eyes over the next 72 hours of non-stop news coverage.   Just one month prior to the fall of the World Trade Center towers I was in those towers with my family visiting New York and after getting tickets for a broadway show at the 2-for-1 island we ventured off to do some sight seeing. Going up in the tower to look at the statue of Liberty was the highlight of the visit until we got up there and it was to cloudy,  the kids were dissapointed but we enjoy being in New York.  Less than one month later I watched the tower fall in disbelief!

As a civilian working for the Pittsfield Twp. D.P.S. in Ann Arbor MI and coordinating crime prevention I knew how important my role would be for our agency and community.  Emergency service personnel from throughout the country heeded the call to go to the three locations to assist and New York needing the highest level of immediate assistance.  For me, I knew that I needed to do something that I could pay my respects and to join the out pouring of support for the heros who left behind love ones and those emergency service personnel that risk and gave their lives.

As a recording artist and leader of a “prevention entertainment” act  my heart lead me to a musical outreach of a song that I wrote and recorded called ,”We are CommUnity: Stand for What is Right” it had the perfect message of hope.  I re-wrote a section of the song and added a spoken portion that recognized all of the hero’s and loved ones who lost their lives and made  the ultimate sacfacrice  doing the job they loved.

I’ve posted this recording at and over the years since it’s release all proceeds will continue to help the organizations , such as the New York Police and Fire Widows and Children’s Benefit Fund, Camp Comfort Zone in New Jersey providing grief counseling, and The American Red Cross.

I have also posted the song and music video traveling with the 9/11 Quilt  at – Search “Rich Coleman”

I am reaching out to the organizers of the New York 9/11 Memorial that open this year to offer access to the song and to make a donation to help sustain this important memorial. Help me by going to CD , ITunes to purchase the song.  All proceeds will continue to be dontated to this important effort.

I look forward to visiting the 9/11 Memorial this year as well.  Be bless, Rich Coleman, Member of the Grammy’s, AFM #625

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