February 16th, 2020 8:29 am

After 27 years in Law Enforcement coordinating Crime Prevention, I’m reaching out to our local churches in a consulting format to help with planning for “all” emergencies. Every faith community should have a plan to protect its congregation from a natural disaster, an act of violence (robbery/gun violence), medical emergency, and children’s safety. 

An internal/external review of the property with a security survey is important as a first step and establishing goals and objectives that are in the bylaws and reviewed by the insurance carrier and legal counsel.

The number one question I hear often is can we arm our personnel who provide security? The answer has a series of responses; does your insurance company provide a policy that covers all licensed CPL holders?  has the Pastor/ governing body given written permission to individuals who have training and understanding of the state laws on concealed carry?  These are just a few of the questions that have to answered for a faith community to assure that the members and those involved as volunteers are all in compliance with the church guidelines, legal counsel, and insurance recommendations.

We’ll offer insight into how to use crime analysis as a tool of preparedness for being the “eyes and ears” and sharing the importance with members and those who live near the house of worship , if “you see something, say something” – report all suspicious persons, vehicles, emails, and concerns about acts of violence that may impact those attending the house of worship.


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