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NIDA & Musicares 2017, Above the Influence “Teen Music video contest”

Wednesday, June 8th, 2016

To all of our Michigan High Schools; I’m so excited to help promote the National Drug Facts Week 2017 campaign to challenge the myths and miss information about the use of legal and illegal drugs. Students from across the country have joined the National Institute on Teen Drug Abuse (NIDA) to get factual information on drug facts and providing a wealth of resources posted on the website.

As a member of the Grammy’s, The American Federation of Musicians #625, and ASCAP, the campaign has really open the door for students to participate in the music video contest. Students between the age of 14-18 yr’s old are encouraged to submit an original song in a music video format that doesn’t glorify gangs, drugs, or violence. The top three (3) winners from the nation wide contest will be invited to the 59th Grammy’s!

Being there and enjoying the events have been a blast!  I’ve been presenting a our local schools in SE Michigan and hope to reach out across the state of MI through the Prevention Network, our schools, and faith communities seeking students from Michigan to participate in this exciting endeavor. I’ve added information to this presentation about the music industry, streaming, protecting your “intellectual property”, and how important it is to join a music organization to protect your work and get assistance when needed.  Look for more on this with video interviews, performances, and more!

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