2015, will be filled with taping a number of events and interviews. I will be back in to production in the fall .  This year will be filled with information on ” senior care, VA benefits, and working with families who have to address come care”.


Black History Month 2013:  Tribute to local African American female authors. Rich Coleman, had the opportunity to interview Denise Eaddy-Richardson, Carla Wilson and Tiffanie Lewis.  You do want to see those programs to hear the challenges of being an author in the digital age, how to get your voice hear in the crowded field of authors and getting your works published.

Marvin Wilson, Brand Partner for Nerium facial products.  Marvin provides an overview of how to be successful in”direct marketing” without offending your friends and family. This product proves itself as well as show results.   Check the program for testimonial, video and links to his website.

The Veterans Administration Hospital (VA) based in Ann Arbor Michigan has three (3) programs featured on the Prevention Corner that focus on their services to veteran’s. We interview the Director of the Hospital Mr. McDermott,  staff coordinating “My Health Vet’s”, and ” PTDS” how to get the services to help those that might be suffering and needing assistance.

In 2014, the Prevention Corner will have a series of programs from the 2014 Crime Prevention Association of MI Conference and the MI Gov. Conference on Cyber Security . Inteviews with speakers, and vendors who are addressing the most challenging issues of data privacy, systems security, and the impact of the gobal Internet security or the lack their-of. You don’t want to miss those interviews check the sites for program posting.